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Basin authority furious about state funding cuts

Basin authority furious about state funding cuts

More than 3,000 schools in Ontario schools are facing reduced funding as they are reduced by their school councils — a move that is expected to cost $2.5 billion over the next five years, the province’s minister of education and skills training announced Friday.

School councils, or principals, have been on the receiving end of a series of cuts to Ontario education, particularly in recent years.

The Ministry of Education said in a press release it is “unacceptable” that about half of Ontario’s schools “do not have adequate leadership levels” and that these reductions will hurt children.

A portion of this funding is meant to help reduce the cost of principals’ salaries.

“Some of the funding we’re providing to these school leaders is meant to prevent them from making the difficult decisions they need to take when choosing to retire,” Kathleen Wynne said in the release.

The minister said teachers unions and school board members have had a “lush reception” from provincial politicians.

“I am particularly proud to announce that since these cuts took place, teachers and school boards across Ontario have had a lush reception from the provincial government and the ministry of education, who’ve been incredibly supportive,” Wynne said.

The Ontario government is now asking the Ontario Teachers’ Federation to support the Teachers’ Pension Plan. The union and its Ontario affiliate, the Ontario Federation of Labour, have been seeking the funds.

The Ontario Minister of Education and Skills Training will meet with labour leaders at the Minister of Public Works and Government 블랙 잭Services in Toronto later this month, according to a press release.

A number of schools in Ontario are struggling under this funding, with some schools having no funding at all and others being cut more than 50 percent.

Pension plan required

A number of Ontario school boards had earlier this w우리 카지노eek asked Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to provide $1 billion for them during a meeting i라이브 바카라n the legislature last week. The funding request was initially met by a strong provincial opposition.

This was to be the province’s contribution, after the Liberal government announced its $12 billion budget on Oct. 1.

The amount in question was originally $1.2 billion. The Liberals said that was the amount needed for the pension of the province’s chief teachers.

Pension funds for Ontario teachers have now gone into deficit.