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I was having a discussion with a long term online friend and we recently both realised we like to try crossdressing. It easier for him as he has pretty awesome parents (his mum at least) who would support him in it, and he does have very feminine features. Do you think I would be better to just wait a year or two, and just try this if I get into university (which is hopefully happening)? I more into an adrogynous look than anything full on feminine..

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0419Visit le Zoo


Aujourd’hui, on est au Zoo



DSCN3952 DSCN3958 DSCN3961 DSCN3987 DSCN3998

C’est tres rigolo ,le camel

DSCN4013 DSCN4019

et voila, c’est la girffe ,pour quoi ils sont resemble a mon jouet Sophie?

DSCN4022 DSCN4026

oh la la, je suis fatigaue……,mais je n’ai pas envie de rate qqc….



DSCN4028 DSCN4031 DSCN4077


et puis, on a de la chace!!! la pluie est arrive juste quand on est parti!!!!

Luckey also says there won be any weird Facebook tie ins; if

Don’t get me wrong. I love the book. I read it a few years ago on my own just for fun before I had heard of scarleteen and had no problem concentrating. I hold views myself that are far outside of the norm on some issues, and I don consider them wrong because of this, I do however approach discussion with a bit of humility and openness to understanding the other side, and figure they might have something to teach me, even if I come away still believing my original views in many cases.I don really see an answer to that. In the case of B above, there some implications to that type of unprompted chime in male sex doll, it not neutral or not trying to imply anything.conservative/libertarian critique that the left is soo extreme, and radical, and unrealistic, just doesn really have legs to stand onIt depends on what you talking about, in some cases it true, in others it not. The same can be said about the right, you sweeping with just a broad a brush as the people you criticizing.I do however approach discussion with a bit of humility and openness to understanding the other side, and figure they might have something to teach me, even if I come away still believing my original views in many cases.Hopefully everyone does that.

love dolls Unlike some African countries, Benin haspublicly acknowledged in broad terms its role in the slave trade. Cultural agency, that looked at where and how slaves were sold. In 1999, President Mathieu Krkou visited a Baltimore church and fell to his knees during anapology to African Americans for Africa’s role in the slave trade.. love dolls

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0403 il fait tres beau!!!

Aujourd’hui , il fait tres chaud~~~moi, je suis sorti avec mes parents !!  Bien sur!

DSCN3367 DSCN3370

et mes parents ont trouve que j’ai d’autres dents qui vont sortir bientot, donc ils regardent et prennent des photos…..mais c’est bizzare,

je n’ouvre pas ma bouche…..

DSCN3389 DSCN3400 DSCN3404

on est au soleil~~~


DSCN3429 DSCN3430


et je suis bien installe

DSCN3440 DSCN3444 DSCN3455 DSCN3480 DSCN3484 DSCN3491 DSCN3492 DSCN3499

0402 je suis aller a Yi Lan avec Papa

Aujourd’hui, je suis aller a Yilan avec papa, maman est deja partie hier soir……parce que aujourd’hui le matin elle a des choses a faire pour ma grand-mere qui est devenue une jolie etoile dans le ciel, donc elle est partie plus tot.

IMAG2761 IMAG2769 IMAG2773 IMAG2777 aIMAG2802

Bonjour, Mickey( c’est le chien de mon grand-pere, il est tres rigolo……ma maman aime bien jouer a lui eceraser les pieds)




et puis,je suis sur le scooter avec papa et maman, on a vu le petit bebe qui s’appelle 宇峯, sa maman est la copine de ma maman~~~

mais il est pas tres sage…………il a envie de calins tout les temps~~~

il ne veux pas rester tout seul sur le lit de sa maman, il reclame toujours des calins

est-ce que pas harzard,  c’est comme moi?

IMAG2820 IMAG2825 IMAG2829 IMAG2847

et le soir , c’est mon cousin!!!

IMAG2882 IMAG2891

et mon grand-pere aussi,  mais je sais pas, j’ai un petit peu peur><

IMAG2900 IMAG2906 IMAG2910