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Abc radio melbourne evenings host lindy burns not returning 2019

Abc radio melbourne evenings host lindy burns not returning 2019



‘Let’s Get Out of Hell’: LINDY BURNS takes to the stage in 2014. Photo: Glenn Hunt

Lindy Burns is a talented Australian rapper, songwriter and DJ, who rose to prominence during the peak of her career through collaborations with artists such as J Cole and Travis Scott, but she’s now settled into h평택출장샵 평택안마er own genre of music by launching her own brand of pop-punk. This month she released her fourth album, ‘LINDY BURNS’ out March 2017 on a collaborative label with a slew of rising electronic talent, including Mura Masa.

For LINDY BURNS, she has been forced to reinvent herself and make a name for herself as a producer. “I’m not going to talk about who I’m working with because the music that I work with is based off of my own experiences and the thoughts I have about music,” she says. “I don’t necessarily do the songwriting or mix writing myself but as an artist there is that constant dialogue between me and my creative side.”

The album she’ll be presenting, ‘LINDY BURNS Presents’: We Will Not Stop, follows the rise of the Australian hip-hop movement from the early 2000s to now, and how it’s led to the emergence of a sound like the likes of Mura Masa and Lenny Kravitz. Burns’ music has gone from being a genre of its own, with hits like ‘Lenny Kravitz’ and ‘I Want You Back’ breaking box-office records, to the kind of material시흥안마 she uses in her new music, which is a combination of tracks that may be as much about the future as the past.

“I don’t really have a philosophy to follow,” she says. “As I’ve tried to go up through this genre, I’ve found people have been really good to me – I’ve been welcomed very easily. I’ve had opportunities to make things that are not necessarily about the style of music I produce, but to get people more in tune with it.”


“Lindy Burns” by Lindy Burns.

“Mura Masa” by Mura Masa.

“You Can Call Me You” by Lenny Kravitz.

“How Many People Are There?” by Lenny Kravitz.