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Legal action adjourned against ucg miner linc energy for breach of injunction

Lega이천출장샵 이천출장안마l action adjourned against ucg miner linc energy for breach of injunction.

Lawyers representing Linc Energy and the federal government say the coal miner could face a lengthy criminal charge of securities fraud. But federal prosecutors say Linc’s claims are unsupported by the facts and the criminal actions against it have failed.

The U.S. Justice Department’s civil and criminal investigation into the mining company continues, as does an investigation into Linc Energy by the Energy Department’s inspector general’s office.

U.S. officials believe one of the largest known Australian mineral companies in the field, the Linc Group Inc., is guilty of numerous charges against the company, including fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, insider trading and misappropriation of state funds.

A lawyer for the miner and others at a June 18 meeting in New York said it was “highly unlikely” that the company or its employees engaged in fraudulent conduct.

The federal attorney general’s office declined to comment on the case.

Linc Energy was a big success as it moved deep into South Australia from Australia. The Australian government and the state mining regulator agreed to pay $100 million in return for a large part of mining assets.

Linc, which was formed in 2002, had been one of the biggest players in South Australia when it was formed, and had acquired vast land from several families of its original owner. Linc later tried to buy out the state’s state-owned Crown Gold mine to expand into new areas.

In 2007, after years of controversy, the company paid $2.4 billion in total and a series of deals to buy a가평출장샵nd acquire nearly 40.8 million ounces of ore, gold and silver. It also paid $972 million for two other mines in the state that had been in the company’s portfolio for several decades.

A state court judge at the time sentenced Linc Energy to almost $13 b충주출장안마illion in fines and penalties over the years for not paying out on a record amount of mines, according to court documents. Linc Energy agreed to pay nearly $9 million in taxes to the state, but the rest of the money — $500 million — went uncollected.

On April 13, 2013, Linc’s chief financial officer, Scott Schoen, told state regulators he knew the company had overcharged the state, that it had overstated the size of the tax payments, and that the company had illegally evaded state taxes.

Schoen was later convicted of criminal violations and sentenced to one year in priso