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Port kembla workers reject steelworks agreement

Port kembla workers reject steelworks agreement

By Ben Goldacre

15 May 2014

The General Labour Congress, an opposition group of some twenty thou실시간 카지노sand workers involved in the construction of the steel industry, rejected the final steelworkers’ contract agreed in May by an agreement between the General National Congress (GNC) and the Federation of Mineworkers (FOM).

The GNC was demanding wages that rivaled those of the country’s top unionized manufacturers; union officials insisted that the deal offer far less wage and 세종출장안마working conditions.

Since the vote, the GNC has been attacking the contract as “the same old trade unionism … which has always failed” because it had been negotiated with “a handful of union officials who are masters of both business and government,” as the head of the Federation of Mineworkers said.

A vote by members of the GNC on a separate resolution calling for the elimination of the role of the trade union bureaucrats in running the steel industry is expected today. The motion is intended as a warning shot to workers across the country who, after nearly four years of stagnant wages and no increase in benefits, are preparing to take action.

In an email, the head of the FOM, Jean-Christophe Leclerc, admitted that the negotiations had been “fraught with difficulties” on the part of the GNC, but insisted that the agreement was not the same as the final agreement reached in May and warned that the strike was “the last step in the movement against the establishment of a class of capitalists and monopolists.”

It is on코인카지노ly a matter of time before the GNC’s drive to privatize the steel industry is turned into a real struggle, even as it pushes hard for its own reactionary trade union reform, in the face of a series of attacks on the workers’ demands by the mass of the workers who are still on strike.

The GNC’s attacks on the proposed new collective bargaining agreement, supported by the trade unions of the private sector, were aimed at the possibility of a contract that would include wage increases for the steelworkers and the possibility of more generous benefits.

Founded in 1980 and headed by France’s former Prime Minister Charles Michel, the general assembly of the General National Congress has been a central element in the rise of right-wing right-wing governments in France since the rise of National Front leader Marine Le Pen to the French presidential runoff and the 2016 French presidential election.

In a series of revelations during the summer of 2015, the General Nationa