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Springborg welcomes libs nat amalgamation vote to end

Springborg welcomes libs nat amalgamation vote to end

The former prime minister will meet the president, he said, after a meeting with the president of Chile.

In an editorial published i더킹카지노n El Mercurio late Friday, a Brazilian newspaper, RDS, described as “excellent” Mr. Rousseff’s decision last month to support the “Libs amalgamation” bill.예스카지노

Among the proposals on the bill are changes to the definition of a “nation”, a requirement for “consultative” consultations, the lifting of the “categorical requirements” on which a constitutional amendment could be based.

The measures are scheduled to be put on paper on Thursday, the Senate president, Roberto Azevedo, said Friday.

The bill is controversial because it removes the right to appeal against unconstitutional legislation, but allows for the suspension of sentence, the release of those found guilty of crime, and pardons속초출장샵 속초출장마사지 for public servants and ex-government officials who are guilty but are released after serving their terms.

A statement from the RDS quoted Mr. Rousseff as saying her government would not change its position on the bill.

“The fact remains that my government supports all of the principles of equality before the law,” the statement said, and noted “I am convinced that this law represents a huge step forward to reduce violence and increase public order.”

President Obama said Friday he planned to visit Brazil during this week’s state of the union.

In a separate effort, Brazil’s state-run media said Tuesday night that the U.S. secretary of state, John Kerry, was going to tour Brazil with U.S. representatives for a joint briefing on “trans-Atlantic cooperation.”