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Injuries in central qld accidents in 2011

Injuries in central qld accidents in 2011.

1.5 million

2010: 27,800 deaths

2011: 22,500 deaths

Source: QLD Depa카지노게임사이트rtment of Health

Queensland Police had recorded an average of three deaths every day over Labor’s first five months in office.

Mr Turnbull said Labor was “not about to sit back and watch people die” and that the federal government would increase crime and public safety investment.

He said the Government would not make a statement until there was concrete evidence that Queenslanders were taking drug and alcohol abuse seriously and did not want another tragedy to happen in Australia.

In a speech to about 200 people attending the annual Liberal Party of Queensland function in Sydney, Mr Turnbull said “the last thing we need in Queensland is a situation where people are dying because of irresponsible behaviour”.

“I don’t want Queenslanders to be victims of reckless driving. And I want Queenslanders to be victims of irresponsible behaviour.

“So from now on when I speak or when I travel with, I’m confident that I’m not going to see any Queenslanders in a position where they’re struggling with drugs or alcohol issues, let alone people die from those issues.”

Mr Turnbull confirmed his party planned to build an extra 10,000 police and ambulance services and increase the Queensland Poli로투스 홀짝ce Superannuation Fund by 25 per cent over the next five years, “for both the people who work in these areas and those who are directly affected”.

He also 포항출장마사지promised a $3 billion funding stream to help “build the future infrastructure that Queenslanders need to be able to sustain and run their communities in a prosperous and safe way”.

“What will happen over the next 15 years is Queenslanders will spend that money in areas that they want to invest it, which means they’ll be providing roads, rail lines and other public transport to their families,” he said.

“That includes the ones living in Queenslanders’ backyards and those working in coalmines. They need that investment, and they don’t want to get left behind when it comes to infrastructure and public transport.”

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