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Wangaratta traders seek gas leak compo

Wangaratta traders seek gas leak compo


China’s biggest state oil company has asked the Federal Government to help resolve a major gas leak in eastern Australia that threatens to spill up to 400 million litres of petrol.

The Energy Minister, Josh 개츠비 카지노Frydenberg, told journalists at a briefing on Wednesday afternoon that the company wanted a special committee to consider whether to declare gas leak-affected areas a danger to health.

“The Government is doing all it can to reduce the extent of the leak,” Mr Frydenberg said.

A spokeswoman fo김천출장샵r the Department of the Environment said that on top of the normal state reporting for the gas leak, it had an area monitoring plan that includes tracking wells from a remote location and other potential sources of monitoring.

“This will continue until we can be assured that there are no other gas leaks that are potentially causing a health or safety threat to this community,” spokeswoman Anne Rimmer said.

She confirmed the Government was in the middle of c강원출장마사지onsultations with the industry, government agencies and stakeholders.

“The Government wants to do everything we can to provide all affected residents with the support they need and advice and support they need,” she said.

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