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Himalayan gloom curtails pakistan tour opener

Himalayan gloom curtails pakistan tour opener


NEW DELHI: Even though Pandit Ramdev will make his India Tour debut later this week at Ranchi, India’s premier tourist attraction and the birthplace of world famous bhajan, many are yet to accept his presence as a hindrance to the tourism industry as he makes his debut.

Some tour operators have already begun booking their ticket for Ramdev to be the next host of the Raja Janta festival on April 17 in Delhi which is scheduled to attract over 13 million people and make it the largest bhajan on earth.

A tour operator in New Delhi told TNM News that while Raja Janta will attract tourists from across India and Pakistan, the attraction won’t attract any new business. While India’s national parks have recently emerged as some of the leading attractions, the presence of Ramdev in those areas has not turned the economy around.

But as soon as a visitor reaches Jigeshwari, the area around Ranchi will be crawling with people waiting for Ramdev. Many are still waiting for his arrival as the number of bhajan stand has dropped, after a period of over 20 years. The locals expect a similar drop in attendance due to Ramdev’s presence in the city.

“Raja Janta and Pandit Ramdev can come together to meet the people in the valley for the festival but it cannot be an efnatyasastra.comfective way for business to gain momentum since many visitors expect it. Also a number of locals feel the presence of Ramdev is not conducive to ease their nerves in the city and some are openly suggesting to stop the tour from going ahead,” a tour바카라사이트 operator here said.

“The main cause of the slow tourist traffic on the roads during Ramdev’s arrival is a loss of momentum caused by the bad reputation of the event. It is also possible that Ramdev will stop his tour here while he is still at his residence, before his party, and when he comes back to Rajgir in Gujarat,” he added.

This lack of interest in the event led some tour operators to book the Raja Janta stage, along with their stages in Chittorgarh and Pune, at Jigeshwari. One of the tour operators even approached the National Highw더킹카지노ay Authority of India (NHAI) to organise this tour as he wanted to put an end to it at least to avoid being cheated by its officials.

But NHAI officials did not take any notice o