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Cowra cannery collapses

Cowra cannery collapses.

After the collapse, the village is surrounded by a sea of black smoke. There are several signs on the wall of the village that show that the village’s inhabitants are not killed, but wounded in the attack. The survivors are seen leaving the village in an ambulance, and a few of them are seen holding the flag and the bodies of the dead. The villagers’ bodies are later burned.

Aft바카라사이트ermath Edit

The villagers are killed when they try to flee the village after the attack. The next day, there is chaos at the village in the aftermath of the attack.

Re-investigation Edit

The discovery of the remains was found by the Alliance Recon Team, led by a new recruit, Sergeant Oleg Novack (he was the head medic before joining the Recon Team, and was killed fighting for the Alliance). They determined that the bodies in a village were not from the original attack, and it turned out that the attackers were the same who were responsible for the previous attack; though there was a time when they had never heard of the village, the team eventually found the remains of the village and determined that they must have been the same culprits. Novack and the Recon Team later met with the remaining survivors, and they discussed the possibility that they could return to the original village of Orystallia.

Upon their return to the village, the Recon Team decided to continue the investigation with a different perspective; they believe that they can help solve the original attack by trying to locate and uncover the “original” victim.

The Recon Team’s second attempt to infiltrate the villagers, led by the female Ranger, Zabar El-Dhema, is discovered in the village by Sarek. His investigation leads him to uncover a “secret” area under the village.

Trivia Edit

During the first episode of the season one episode, “The Road Ahead”, the villagers were shown eating a meal they created from a pot that belonged to one of the villagers’ heads. It is also possible to buy “blood from” the villagers.

At the end of the episode, Zabar mentions that the soldiers were never going to fight the survivors and not the villagers.

One of the words used for the Recon Team is “Red Cross”더킹카지노, a reference to the International Red Cross, who was created by the UN, to help the victims of these types of bombings and battles.

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