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Judd fit to play magpies in the game as well,” said Nicky Smith, a former Rabbitohs and Cowboys player in Australia

Judd fit to play magpies in the game as well,” said Nicky Smith, a former Rabbitohs and Cowboys player in Australia. “We couldn’t find any time on the field with him and he was too big for the middle of the park. He would be a danger from the wing. We just couldn’t get the ball into the team.”

But the Rabbitohs did just that in that historic defeat to Manly at ANZ Stadium, where, despite losing the captain Andrew Johns with a foot injury, the players held their nerve and went for it, often with some great try-scoring chances.

With Johns still on the wing, Luke Douglas, Jamie Dow, Josh Mansour, Scott Bolton and Ben Hunt were all involved. A year earlier, Douglas had given his former team-mates an epic chance against a Manly side who had already given them a scare against the Roosters in Sydney just 10 days previously.

At the time, the then-Roosters coach John Eales called the loss to the Sea Eagles “an eye opener.

“They really showed it at ANZ Stadium,” he said. “They were a different team to Manly at half-back. It was all about the forwards and kicking goals and then they put that team into a bind and played really well, but I think the performance [by Douglas] was pretty impressive. We felt that he could do all the things he did. He’s been a major part of them being compet우리카지노itive for a while and then they get their big moment against New Zealand and then that’s it for them.”

On the field, it was a new approach and an innovative method, something which the Roosters have adopted now.

“They were playing in a different way with their back-to-the-back approach,” said Luke Brooks of their second-year forwards coach, Matt Young. “They really wanted to play more of a three-a-side style and that’s what we wanted to get out of it. We wanted our attack to be attacking from the get-go.바카라

The approach worked fo바카라r the Roosters. The Waratahs won the back-to-back NRL matches the following year with Brett Robinson, George Burgess and Will Chambers at fullback, while the Rabbitohs played a two-back line with Brad Tighe and Luke Brooks between them.

The Eagles beat both teams in three straight matches from March 18, 2016, but missed out by two points on the scoreboard in th