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Eastman case sparks call for public housing rethink

Eastman case sparks call for public housing rethink

CLOSE Detroit residents were stunned this spring when they learned that the city’s public housing was in the process of being sold to an international development firm, while the original owner could not be found. By Alex Wigglesworth

Buy Photo In June 2017, the Detroit City Council voted unanimousl우리카지노y to take over public housing and the buildings on it from the Wayne County government. This is a screen grab from Detroit Public Housing. (Photo: JASON MINTO, Detroit Free Press)Buy Photo

When residents awoke to find Wayne County took control of the city’s public housing in late 2013, they were surprised to learn that they had just bought new homes, including at one of the most historic sites in Detroit, the Dearborn Housing Authority, according to city officials and Detroit Free Press reporters, who first reported the news.

The state, Wayne County and housing authority officials did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday even우리카지노ing.

What’s more, the public housing had been sold and the original owner remained a mystery.

While many of those who buy publicly funded housing in the city receive vouchers through the state, residents who don’t often know who has lived there often have to wait as city-owned housing remains the same even when the voucher ends. That’s because in many cases, the new owner is the same person, the same building and its history.

It’s a troubling situation for many residents, and it will likely continue to be problematic for Wayne County, which will likely seek to buy the agency next year to operate the system of housing.

What happened to the city’s public housing is a part of the city’s massive, five-year, $30 billion plan to redevelop the sprawling Eastside with homes and businesses, including the Grand Circus ballpark, a 1,000-story hotel planned for a strip on Washington and South Ann streets and a movie theater planned on East 57th Street.

And it is just one example of a complicated deal that has allowed the city to preserve a unique history, a sense of place and the presence of a lo바카라사이트ng-simmering, hardworking community.

Since Detroit began to make the switch to private equity management in 2013, residents have watched how their city’s historic buildings are maintained, renovated or redeveloped, and that’s only going to continue to grow.

Buy Photo In 2013, the Detroit City Council took over public housing to take over its financial responsibilities. (Photo: Romain Blanquart, Detroit Free Press)