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Twin caesarean rates triple victoria despite no benefit for infants

Twin caesarean rates triple victoria despite no benefit for infants

By Jennifer J. LeDoux

News Staff Writer, Charlotte Observer

Oct. 11, 2011

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Two new babies born at Charlotte Women’s Medical Center last month were born after being delivered wit더킹카지노h no benefit to their moms from a new triple caesarean section, a hospital spokeswoman said Thursday.

The baby was born with only a mild infection in the uterus after the mother received three shots of mifepristone, a birth control pill, and the baby was born with signs of low-grade bleeding, said Karen Davis, hospital spokeswoman.

The nurse and doctor who delivered the other three babies delivered the babies with their mothers. They also had to administer mifepristone to calm down the mother because she was in a bad temper and didn’t want to keep taking pills to control her.

The nurses, whose names were not released by the hospital, were all licensed nurses, which allows them to deliver with no direct risk to the mother.

Davis said the nurses delivered six babies, though two were on life support at the time of delivery.

She said the nurses were also able to nurse the two babies who didn’t have complications.

She added they also delivered the infant who was delivered a few minutes before her prema우리카지노ture baby. The other two babies delivered early were stable.

The mother has the option to opt for a triple caesarean section, which is considered safer and more comprehensive when delivered with no risk. The women who delivered the women say they went the triple-section procedure for the health of their son, ages 2 and 1 and their two younger children.

“We hope these decisions will allow us to continue to move forward and have our family well,” said the mother in a statement to the Charlotte Observer.

Davis said the mother and doctor who delivered her baby would not discuss whether they will file criminal charges. Davis said, however, that she would consider any civil claims by both women against the hospital, such as negligence and negligent child care.

According to Davis, the hospital is investigating the matter as a failure to adhere to hospital rules. Davis said the hospital is conducting an independent probe.

The hospital spokeswoman said hospital policy requires hospital personnel performi예스카지노ng hospital-related surgical procedures to ensure that each procedure is performed under the highest of ethical and legal standards, which includes a medical ethicist.

Davis told The News and Observer that hospital officials would b