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Abjorensen victoria’s political bastardry: a history of the Dutch Revolution and its legacy

Abjorensen victoria’s political bastardry: a history of the Dutch Revolution and its legacy

By Peter Symonds

4 July 2017

Following a week of heated demonstrations in the Netherlands demanding the reinstatement of its former socialist prime minister, a leading radical political figure has come under fire for his role in a radical political movement.

In an article for the Dutch daily Politiken, historian and author Jan van der Hoorn has called the Dutch People’s Party (VVD) the “largest political movement in the modern world.” He has used a range of measures to describe their work in power since 1945, and argued that they “are the product of decades of collaboration with the ruling elite. Their task is to dismantle the economic and social conditions that allow a working class, led by the working class—socialist, social-democratic, reformist, and, if necessary, revolutionary—to build a new society.”

In his article, van der Hoorn writes that the VVD was “a political party that arose as a reaction to the economic, political, and cultural conditions that existed then in the country.” He goes on to describe how the Dutch people’s party were “founded by, and in the interests of, a coalition of left-wing parties: the Social Democrats in the 1970s and Social Democrats in the 1990s, the Social Democratic and Workers’ Party (SDV), and, since the mid-1990s, the Netherlands Democrats.”

A member of the gr바카라oup, he writes, was John Debreczen, a former Social Democrat who was arrested in 1997 for alleged complicity in the kidnapping of t더킹카지노he leader of the S예스카지노ocialist Party of the Netherlands. This group is credited with co-creating several radical organizations, including the Socialist Alternative, the United Workers’ Party, and the Dutch People’s Party.

In this context, van der Hoorn writes that the VVD took in people it deemed to be a threat, and then used the social-democratic parties to “drive the left wings from government and control the legislative agenda and all levels of government.”

These elements of the VVD are, for the VVD, a threat to “the very foundations of a representative democracy.”

Van der Hoorn’s criticism, which focuses on the role of Social Democrat leaders such as Paul Verhoeven in co-instituting the PVV’s election campaign and on Van der Hoorn himself, is at times pointedly critical. One of his main arguments is that Van der Hoorn was instrumental in the party’s transformation from