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Police to investigate smart meter ‘sabotage’

Police to investigate smart meter ‘sabotage’

A police officer speaks on his mobile phone outside a smart meter building on Feb. 9, 2014 in the city of New Berlin. A recent fire at the system’s main station killed one person and injured nearly a dozen others. (Photo: Mario Tama, Getty Images)

New Berlin – A new report from the New Berlin Police Department shows widespread crime at an area with the nation’s highest crime rate, saying it is a magnet for thieves and gang members.

The report, written by the agency’s intelligence division, says the smart meter system has been attacked with sabotage since January and that it has been damaged to the point that one resident who was attacked on the property of the city’s main smart meter station last month needed surgical treatment.

“We believe some may have stolen parts from the installation and we are actively looking for this type of behavior in the future,” the report said.

The New Berlin Police Department said the agency has been able to track an estimated 300 to 400 unauthorized people usi우리카지노ng the technology and that about a half dozen incidents of vandalism have occurred in the past month.

New Berlin P카지노 사이트olice Chief Greg Grosjean was pleased with the report, pointing to incidents that are connected to the new system, and the crime that it has already put a strain on his unit.

“It’s tough when you have an area that’s like this but there are hundreds, thousands of people in New Berlin and they’re not doing anything,” Grosjean said. “And that is what is going to change for us.”

In its report, the New Berlin Police Department said there are approximately 100 people in the city who have been reported to the department as potential victims of van더킹카지노dalism or theft at its electronic smart meters, including one case in which “a person was shot in the parking lot of a local church, and someone tried to break into the church and shot the church employee.”

The report does not identify the building in which that shooting occurred.

The Smart Meters Act and new police policies have created an increase in crime, according to New Berlin Police.

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“Most of those things can be done by people without knowing about the situation,” said Police Chief Grosjean.

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