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Lawyers push for nauru asylum hearing

Lawyers push for nauru asylum hearing

An Australian couple, who fled a civil war-torn island where they claim to have b천안출장마사지een sexually assaulted by asylum seekers, have won asylum in Nauru, their lawyer said on Monday.

Weten Naurua is a temporary offshore processing centre in Papua New Guinea that is due to close on June 30, 2019.

The detention c가평출장안마entre is on a high sea island off the coast of Papua New Guinea where asylum seekers are not allowed to lodge legal claims against their countries of asylum until the next available window.

A boat carrying 200 asylum seekers capsizes off the coast of Java in January and 20 migrants, including the Australian couple, are rescued.

Mr Naurua, a local lawyer, said the couple, who are in their 20s and are on the island’s capital at Waiheke, were seeking legal asylum for their children.

“We were on the plane to Nauru when the plane capsized,” he told ABC.

“We didn’t know it had sunk, but we went to where we heard there was a sinking plane and we went there.

“A number of people were drowned there. We found some of them with no legs.”

The Australian couple are not the only asylum seekers to be rescued by boats in recent weeks.

At least 23 asylum seekers in a dinghy broke free from an Australian ship off the coast of the Indonesian city of Bali on Thursday, the Australian navy said.

Another boat, carrying about 180 asylum seekers, sank off the coaSM 카지노st of Greece on Friday.

Some asylum seekers on Nauru claim they were raped and forced to marry foreign men by members of the asylum seekers’ group known as the Marooned in Mindanao.

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